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An Urban Terror Clan
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 Trautman App

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PostSubject: Trautman App   Trautman App EmptyWed Dec 19, 2012 3:54 pm

In-game name: trautman
Aliases: trautman, mOnk, /kill
Real Name: Marcus
Age: 14
Other Clans: n/a
Favourite Server: |DB| Sr8 MoD
How long have you played UrT? 3 yrs
Why do you think Defiance is the clan for you?: Because i like a mixture of sniper and machine guns and its good to mix it up.
Did someone from Defiance refer you here? If so, who? no
Screenshots that you think will improve your chances:
How often do you play UrT? everyday
Other Info:
Cheers marcus
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Trautman App
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